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Author & Radio Personality
Mark Justice


Mark Justice is the author of Looking at the World with Broken Glass in My Eye, and co-author of Dead Earth: The Green Dawn and Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road, both with David T. Wilbanks. His short fiction has appeared in Damned Nation, In Laymon's Terms, Legends of the Mountain State 1,2, 3 & 4. The Horror Library Vol. 2 & 3, The Avenger Chronicles, The Green Hornet Chronicles, Dark Discoveries and many other anthologies and magazines. He co-edited the holiday horror anthology Appalachian Winter Hauntings. He also authored The Dead Sheriff, a supernatural western prose and comics series,

Mark also produces and hosts the popular genre podcast Pod of Horror. He lives in Kentucky with his wife and cats. Mark's books are sold through the following outlets:


Mark worked in radio since high school. He joined WLGC in 1984 and started The Breakfast Club on September 5, 1985. In his free time, he wrote fiction, edited a children's fictional website, collected comic books and fantasized about Food and TV's Rachael Ray. He will be missed by all that knew him. 

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Rest in Peace /  1959-2016
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